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It would be far too predictable to say, "You really hit the jackpot on this one," so I won't say it, no matter how accurate it might be. Don't roll the list safe online casinos Casino Gold HRS handmades are a bettor's dream with one hundred percent Honduran long-filler tobaccos that deliver a solid, full-bodied punch of flavor right directory gambling problem service you need it.

Coming to you from the gold-plated palaces of Royal Gold, these top-notch offerings are born from the trusted hands of legendary cigar-maker Nestor Plasencia. Creatively crafted, intricately rendered and left for months to age patiently in cedar-lined rooms, these high roller status cigars will leave you wanting for nothing - at traditionally affordable CI prices no less.

That's a whole lot like hitting the jackpot. There, I said it. Casino Gold received a well-deserved rating noting: Your web browser is no longer supported. Cigars International is committed to providing you with the best web experience possible. Internet Explorer version 5. Internet Explorer version 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Internet Explorer version 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Please update your version cigars Internet Explorer or switch to one of the other browsers listed below.

You are currently using Internet Explorer version 8. Please enable JavaScript or upgrade to a modern web browser. Click the icons below for product information. Showing of 25 Reviews Sort By Date: Casino Gold, Different But Good! When I smoked one right out of the box,I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. I've smoked lots of different brands and a lot of them tasted about the same. These sticks have a very unique flavor ;strong, woodsy,spicy,and a little bitter.

After a few weeks in the humidor they mellowed out,and I've decided I like them a lot. If you want to try something different,give them a try. I know I will get them again. Yes 0 No 0. This cigar is hands down the best for the money today. Not an every day cigar for me but one to sit and enjoy instead. Can cigars them for the price of an everyday Quorum so it is a no brainer, unless you get your cohibas for a buck in the island no other quality cigar match this price.

One of my favorites, really like these cigars, the quality is cigars, they smoke, and taste great, medium strong, very well packed in wooden boxgreat for present. If you are on a budget, and looking for a top-notch cigar, I highly recommend Casino Gold. One of my favorites. I am enjoying this batch and will order them again. The first one that I had didn't "hit the spot" at all. The second one I have had did better but I am pretty sure it was my mood. The box is pretty nice but the wrapper seems generic.

Over all just an ok smoke; good for smoking when you are working on the car or something. For the price they are a great cigar. Shall buy them again. Casino really like these cigars, have ordered them several times. The quality is always excellent, they smoke, and taste great. I don't have one complaint about this site. Casino no deposit promotion selection, great deals, orders always ship in timely manner.

Great job Cigars International! Yes 1 No 0. Out of 21 cigars only had two that were too tight and hard to draw. Flavor is good but hard the casino company believe this is a 90 rated cigar. Perfect cigar for mowing the yard or tooling around the house. Plasencia still one of my Favs. It's a good cigar, especially at the price I paid. It has everything I like in a good Plasencia cigar.

Good smoke, great price. Tried these based on the strong reviews and was not disappointed. Just received my second box. Good, smooth cigars draw that was very mild in flavor. Review of Casino Gold Jack. Nice drawing cigar, very mild in flavor. Enjoyable all the way to the end. Decently constructed and pleasing. Nothing outstanding, but a pretty decent cigar.

Overall I will not complain. The few I have smoked burnt well and tasted good. I kept these in my coolidor at 71 to curb any of the issues people have said about the burn. A month later I have a good cigar Bayside casino cruise enjoy.

Mild and a true mild at that. Nice cigars,a couple did not draw very well,but the construction of the cigars was solid and the flavor mild. I would buy these again. Maybe it was a fluke but the casino gold I tried was so creamy and delicious that I'm springing for a box come payday!

LS of Burkburnett, TX. Received 2 of these in a sampler. Smoked the 1st a after a couple of weeks in the wineador. Really was not good, slightly bitter with hints of cherry and plain tobacco. Was as bad as the 1st time unfortunately. Was just as bitter with a plain tobacco taste. Had an overall nice construction with a dense pack and beautiful wrapper.

A few minor burn issues on both but no big deal. Unfortunately, this stick meets dog rocket criteria in my book. BA of Columbus, GA. That being said its a nice smoke and had no issues with the 5 packed I smoked, but there was nothing to get excited about at this price point. Write A Review Top of Page. By providing my email address, I agree to receive special orleans casino movie times by email from Cigars International.

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Casino Gold is a cigar with an interesting make-up, and quite a pedigree. Blended by the world-renowned Nestor Plasencia, it features a golden-brown wrapper. Casino Gold HRS handmades are a bettor's dream with one hundred percent Honduran long-filler tobaccos that deliver a solid, full-bodied punch of flavor right. Not when you own Casino Gold H.R.S. Jack Lonsdale Habano cigars by Royal Gold. Blended by Nestor Plasencia. Sr. and Jr., Casino Gold is handmade in.